64 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston 5 Jamaica, West Indies


Prior to 1890, a number of lodging houses and inns existed, which numbered in excess of 1400 in 1830. After 1890, hotels were opened in Kingston, Spanish Town, Moneague, Mandeville and Port Antonio of which the most famous were Titchfield in Port Antonio and Myrtle Bank in Kingston. The Titchfield Hotel was re-built in 1905 and the magnificent new structure, which opened that year, helped to make Port Antonio the cradle of Jamaican Tourism. Some of the hotels constructed for the Great Exhibition and within the period are Myrtle Bank, Queens, Rio Cobre, Moneague, Titchfield and Mandeville hotel.


To Hell with Paradise,
Frank Fonda Taylor,
1993, p.75

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