Jun 18, 2016

This is the home of reggae. We believe very strongly in promoting the music because the music is one of those things that makes us different from everybody else,” said Paul Pennicook, director of tourism, after signing the Jamaica Tourist Board’s (JTB) endorsement of Reggae Sumfest. The official endorsement took place at the JTB’s New Kingston offices. Reggae Sumfest vice-chairman and co-producer Robert Russell welcomed the JTB’s support.”They have welcomed the change we have initiated this year.” Russell said. The initiative is geared towards increasing the festival’s international appeal. The team intends to take Reggae Sumfest on a United States tour. “Some very big international companies have approached us on this,” Josef Bogdanovich, Reggae Sumfest Chairman revealed. However, right now the team is more focused on executing the transition of the Reggae Sumfest brand as smoothly as possible. “People who come to Jamaica to Reggae Sumfest, they are really coming to see reggae music,” Russell reiterated. “They’re not coming to see an American artiste because they can see those people in America.